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Mickey Broussard

Mickey Broussard

President / COO

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Mickey Broussard comes to Sea Shore Energy Services after (38) successful years in the Oil & Gas Industry. His oilfield career began at Brown Tool & Supply in the late 70’s, where he actively was involved in the inspection, drill stem & pressure control departments.

Mickey then moved on to Dailey Oil Tools International, diversifying his oilfield knowledge, where he served as a technical impact design strategist for mechanical/oil drilling jars, bumper jars & combo impact equipment.

Following Dailey Oil Tools, Mickey once again reverted back to the drilling & workover service business with a small privately held rental tool equipment provider. During the next (36) years, Mickey worked alongside experienced & talented rental equipment individuals who were the best in the industry. Together as a team, (Base/Mid & Executive level Management), Mickey assisted in building a culture of competent service professional’s, providing the rental tool industry with excellent quality of service equipment. This culture was designed & created by core individuals from every level of management and monitored closely by Mickey and his operations/safety & quality team leaders. Other departments managed by Mickey included: Procurement, Inventory, Operations, Sales, Safety/Environmental Compliance, Technical Training, Equipment/Tubular Inspection, Repair Process, Quality Assurance, DOT Compliance, Fleet, Invoicing, Drill Stem Design and Approved Vendors & products along with managing other business units including: Fishing & Recovery, Machine & Fabrication, Manufacturing, Safety Services, P&A Services, Inspection Services, Drilling Jar Products & Services and of course Drill Stem & Pressure Control Services. His diverse experience in providing “True Quality” equipment, “Excellent Service”, and a consistent product to his customers, correlates directly to the experienced & dedicated team of employees Mickey surrounded himself with. Mickey understands that “quality” is term widely used but seldomly accomplished due to poor communications between management & employees. Mickey’s past role as COO included planning, implementation, development and the safety and well-being of 1200 employees in (26) operating locations.

Mickey is married to Mandy Broussard and they have (2) children & (3) grandchildren. They have been married for (39) years and reside in Carencro, Louisiana.

Mickey realizes that honest & competent people truly "Make The Difference!"


  • University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL) *Currently ULL (Petroleum Engineering & Percussion Scholarship)

  • T. H. Harris Technical School (Civil Engineering & Carbon Matrix)

Oil & Gas Education

  • Cameron Iron Works (Pressure Control Conferences)

  • NL (NOV) Shaffer (Pressure Control Conferences)

  • Hydril Company (Annular/Elastomer Conferences)

  • Randy Smith Training (Mid/Upper Management Training)

  • Management Leadership Training (Executive Management Training)

  • Grant Prideco (Drill Stem/Extreme Torque Seminars)

  • Postle Industries (Hard Facing Alloy Seminars)

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