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Sea Shore is built with “Dedicated & Experienced” personnel since 1976 providing “True Quality” equipment and tubulars acquired “New” from active API manufacturers. Our quality system (developed by Duncanware) is powered by “TRAQ SYSTEM" and assures detailed tracking history from cradle to grave on each item owned and rented by Sea Shore to our customers. Each rental item is uniquely serialized, fully certified and has full documentation available upon request.

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Current Rental Assets
  • Tubular Products

    • Tubing, 1-1/4” 3.02# P110 SL Range 2 w/1-1/4” CS Type LTS Connections

    • Tubing, 2-3/8” 5.95# P110 SL Range 2 w/2-3/8” Ph6 Type LTS Connections

    • Tubing, 2-7/8” 7.90# P110 SL Range 2 w/2-7/8” Ph6 Type LTS Connections

    • Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe, 6-5/8” OD Bottle Neck - Range 2

Future Rental Assets
  • Tubular Products

    • Tubing, 1-1/2” 3.25# P135 SL Range 2 w/1-1/2” CS Type LTS Connections

    • Drill pipe, 4-1/2” 16.60# S135 Range 2 w/GPDS42 Connections

    • Drill pipe, 4-1/2” 16:60# S135 Range 2 w/Delta425 Connections

    • Drill pipe, 5” 19:50# S135 Range 2 w/DS50 Connections

    • Drill pipe, 5” 19.50# S135 Range 2 w/NC50 (4-1/2” IF) Connections

  • Blow-out Preventers

    • 11” 5-10M Type “U” Ram Style BOPs

    • 11” 5M Spherical Style Spherical BOPs

Pressure Control Products & Services
  • Blow-out Preventers

    • 7-1/16” 5-15M Type “U” Style “Single Ram” BOPs

    • 7-1/16” 5-15M Type “U” Style “Double Ram” BOPs

    • 11” 5M Type “U” Style “Double Ram” BOPs

    • 7-1/16” 5-15M Type “U” Style “Large Bore Tandem” Shear Bonnets

    • 7-1/16” 5-15M Type “U” Style “Shear/Blind Rams”

    • 7-1/16” 5M Spherical (Annular) BOPs

Hoisting & Handling Equipment
  • Elevators, (MYT 40-ton capacity), (YT 75-ton capacity), (HYT 150-ton capacity)

  • Internal pressure control Safety & Inside BOP Valves, 1-1/4”, 2-3/8” & 2-7/8” (2) step connections

  • Integral Pup Joints, 1-1/4”, 2-3/8” & 2-7/8” P110 (2) step connections

  • Manual Tongs, stabbing guides, drifts, bit subs, pump-in subs, swivels subs, saver subs & various cross-over subs also available.


“ALL” Pressure Control Equipment, Tubulars and Handling Equipment were purchased ‘NEW” from SS approved “API Current Listed” Manufacturers.

“ALL” Pressure Control Equipment, Tubulars and Handling Equipment is “uniquely” serialized & tracked from cradle to grave by “TRAQ SYSTEM,” developed by Duncanware Development, LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with exclusivity of Sea Shore Energy Services LLC.

Sea Shore Energy Services LLC utilizes BASIS Software Solutions, developed by Corporate Services LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This system operates in “real-time” to monitor Inventory, Purchase Orders, Material Specifications, Dimensional Specifications, Customers and customer requirements, Approved Vendors, current MSAs, Rental Contracts, Invoicing, (electronic or hard copy mail/email), and also provides cradle to grave history on all rental items. BASIS is built using Microsoft’s latest technologies, Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL.

Material Certs are available upon request on “each” piece of rental equipment owned by Sea Shore Energy Services LLC and are deemed “CERTIFIED” via OEM API documentation provided at the time of purchase.

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